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Re-learning the Land: A Story of Red Crow College

RE-LEARNING THE LAND is the story of a Blackfoot community in southern Alberta, Canada, and how they have re-taken control of their education system within Red Crow Community College. The film traces the decolonization of their learning and the development of an innovative program, Kainai Studies, within Red Crow College, the same site as a former Residential School. The Kainai Studies program is reclaiming and teaching to a new generation the Blackfoot knowledge system that sustained their community on their land for thousands of years.

The film raises a host of important questions related to the purpose of education and what it takes to create a deep ecological consciousness and connection with our local environment. By witnessing how students and faculty within Red Crow College are re-building relationships with the land around them, we see a greater sense of purpose, confidence and identity from amongst those participating and learning within the Kainai Studies program.

Re-learning the land explores how education can be used both to wipe out particular ways of knowing and lead to suffering, as in the case of residential schools, or else to promote healing and a transformation of individual and community through a reconnection to history and place. Based on a very different cosmology, set of values and ways of teaching, ‘Re-Learning the Land’ is a subtle exploration of how an indigenous way of learning can create transformational relationships with the land, its beings, the community and one’s own self.



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Directed, produced, filmed
and edited by
Udi Mandel and Kelly Teamey

Additional Footage by
Narcisse Blood
Ryan Heavy Head

Artwork by
Ali Hodgson and Manuela Pereira

Participants in order of appearance

Narcisse Blood
Duane Mistaken Chief
Ryan Heavy Head
Albert Black Water
Angela Whitegrass Pots
Klane King
Joey Blood
Ramona Big Head
Nora Stabs Down
Cynthia Chambers
Deidre Scout
Geraldine Heavy Head

A very special thanks to all the students
and staff at Red Crow Community College.

A very special thanks to the
'Artisans of Meaning'
co-editing group and all others who 
contributed to the making of this film...

Liora Adler Marina Leitner
Juan Anadon Alan Mandel
Madhur Anand Patrick Mandel
Seth Blanco Marion Nao
Michael Butler Jorge Nasser
Kathleen Carroll Anna Orrnert
Karen de Melo Izzy Muhammed
Monica Figueroa Laura Peers
Carlos Flores Nikhil Sheth
Patrick Gibbs Asim Siddiqui
Ali Hodgson Kipp Teamey
Lilian Hueber Bert and Susie Teamey

Additional sections of the following films
are also included and we really thank the
filmmakers for this:

"Rice University Aerials" by PastPlay
"Cambridge aerial video down by
the university" by ArialVideo
"University of Washington Aerial
Cinematography" by Team Cirrus FPV
‪"‬Red Bull Crack The Cans - University
of Lethbridge" by Erin Luchia
‪"‬SUNY Students Protest Tuition Hikes,
Funding Cuts" by Aung Moe Win
"Chilean Student Protest; 8 May 2013;
English News Report" by Civis Rex
"Wildlife at close range in Alberta
and BC, Canada" by Ole Martin Rønningen
"Oil Sands at a Crossroads" by CCTV America
"St. Paul's Residential School Footage"
by Ted De Wolf - courtesy of
the Blackfoot Digital Archive

A very special thanks to the Glenbow 
Archives, the Royal Alberta Museum,
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Museum,
Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park,
Okotoks Park, and the Fort Motel.

Music by
"You can calmly put this thing
together (piece by piece)" by junior85
"Vanlig" by Jahzzar, Album Blinded by Dust
"The Ambient Ukelele" by Lee Rosevere,
Album Time-Lapse Volume 2: meditations
both available from

A special thanks to
Olivia Tailfeathers and the Kainai
Grassland Singers whose music
from the Album Ninihkssin "Song"
is also included:
"Universe Song"
"Mokakit Iyaika'kimaat"
"Buffalo Song"
Available from Arbor Records

Additional sounds included from


  1. Hi there,
    If you have any comments on the film – we would love to hear from you.
    Kelly and Udi

  2. Juma Barton says:

    leaning to use the cultural education system to utilize resources has been foreseen to be perplex to many cultural socities with scope of the current modifying modern eduaction system. The community of the Blackfoot has made it and they are still doing it, this demostrates the abilities.
    Thanks for the impressed

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