What can learning become?

What space is there in education, for wisdom … for Enlivened Learning…  – a holistic learning that can emerge with our heart, our heads, our hands and our connection to the environment?

Enlivened Learning is a journey to discover and to explore these very questions – and, to learn from and document the silent revolution that is happening in higher education around the world.  This silent revolution is seldom seen in the media and is therefore almost entirely out of the public eye. We are going beyond the current debates that tend to focus primarily on access and funding to higher education. Rather, as part of this movement, we are questioning the very nature and value of learning and knowledge.

The Enlivened Learning project has taken us to Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, the USA, UK and Costa Rica – to localized places of higher education that are emerging from indigenous communities and grassroots social/ecological movements. In each of these places, knowledge and learning are not being pursued for profit or training for the market. Instead, they are nurturing wisdom for people’s potential to transform themselves, their communities and the places they live in.  Through this project – and from what we have learned and encountered in these places – we offer new stories of hope, imagination and possibility.

Along this journey, we have been sharing our experiences through writing, photography and a series of documentary film we are in the process of creating. We are also connecting these places and the people we encounter along the way.

In this site you can find our films and the latest news related to our films, including screenings, discussions and resources for you to host your own screening.